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2022.01.24 01:30 Night_owl-19 Next level Satisfaction

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2022.01.24 01:30 ronearc Am I experiencing opioid withdrawal from tapering off of long-term prescription use or should I be concerned this is something else?

49 y/o White Male with mild scoliosis in lumbar region, degenerative arthritis in lumbar region, and Severe Sciatica for 2.5 years.
6' 1" and 255 pounds. Down from 375 pounds about 8 years ago. My weight stays between 240-260 now.
Severe Sciatica as-in, weakness in right leg periodically, tingling and numbness in lower right calf and foot, pain in both sides of lower back close to kidneys, and pain in right buttocks. Pain radiating down right leg and sometimes left leg. Pain ranges from 6-9 on 1-10 scale. I walk with a cane in case my leg gives out.
I also have mild to moderate Sleep Apnea which cannot be treated with a CPAP. The valves in my tear ducts connecting my eyes to my nose do not effectively block air from flowing out through my eyelids when there is back pressure from the CPAP. That's why I take Modafinil. My quality of sleep is pretty atrocious.
Recent liver and kidney function blood tests showed no issues. A1C was normal (but I can't recall the number).
For two years have been taking 15mg ER Oxycodone 3 x daily, 5mg IR Oxycodone 3 x daily, 10mg Ketorolac 4 x daily with food, 2 x 100mg Modafinil once in the morning, and 10mg Cyclobenzaprine 1-2 x daily.
I also had been taking about 20mg Indica THC in a tincture or capsule form as a sleep-aid at night, but I stopped last week in an effort to reset my tolerance for THC. I intend to not take THC for another week
I am now tapering off of opioids. At start of December I dropped all of the 5mg IR Oxycodone. At start of January I dropped to 10mg ER Oxycodone 3 x daily.
Now, I am experiencing a much more pronounced reaction to the Modafinil in the mornings. My heart rate is higher, and I feel like my blood pressure is higher as well, but I don't have a monitor. I'm shaky in the mornings.
I am reducing my Modafinil dose to a single 100mg dose in the mornings for the time being because of this. I have also reduced my caffeine from about 200mg daily to 100mg.
After eating dinner of an evening, I experience chills and stomach discomfort, but they both pass within a couple of hours. This is new as well.
My plan had been to drop my Oxycodone down to 5mg ER 3 x daily at the start of February, and then reduce the frequency of dosage in March with the intent of being done by the end of March.
I'm concerned that the intense reaction to the Modafinil and the chills and discomfort after my evening meal may be indicative of something else, but it also makes sense it would just be my body's reaction to the reduction in Oxycodone.
Unfortunately, very little information I can find on reputable websites is tailored to a situation such as mine. Most articles are either about opioid abuse, which is not at all relevant to my circumstances. I take my medications as prescribed.
I take the Ketorolac with food and at least 8 ounces of water. I do not take it if my stomach is upset.
I do have 20 x 5mg IR Oxycodone as a fall-back, but I've not used any of them.
In summary: Month Two (of Four) tapering off of opioids, starting week two of two eliminating Indica THC to reset tolerance, third day of reducing both Modafinil and Caffeine from 200mg daily each to 100mg daily each in response to side effects intensifying.
The usual comfortable wakefulness from Modafinil is much more pronounced, uncomfortably so. Even 100mg of Modafinil is a bit more impactful than the 200mg had been previously.
Common sense tells me that this is just my body's reaction to tapering off of opioids. But while I've no history of heart issues or high blood pressure, I've lingering concerns this may be something else.
Lastly, my sciatic is no better. The pain is worse than it has been in previous months. Also, as history regarding the Sciatica, I did not have any meaningful pain relief from Pregabalin nor from Gabapentin. Neither nerve root block injections nor a cortisone epidural helped much. The S1 nerve root block made it worse, the L5 nerve root block went back to baseline, and the L4 nerve root block had negligible impact. I'm not a good candidate for radiofrequency ablation nor for decompression surgery according to my spine specialist.
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2022.01.24 01:30 WatermelonPizza20 Stocks to load up now?

What are some stocks you're loading up now?
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2022.01.24 01:30 Gobar_Eater EFTPOSTLE TAMAKI

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2022.01.24 01:30 NathanFairweather HOW TO TRAVIS PICK

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2022.01.24 01:30 Taarguss I [30 M] called my fiancé [30 F] an asshole

I (30 M) was watching football today. My favorite team pulled a wild win out of nowhere in the last second and I was really giddy. I was super excited and having a great time. When I get happy like that, I start laughing a little. I don’t know if it’s weird, but laughter feels sweet and it’s nice to feel joy. My fiancé (30 F), who hates sports and is lowkey mad that I started following football in the last couple of years, was working on something at the table near the couch and turns to me and says, “ok, you’re being ridiculous.” Killed my mood almost immediately.
I say “huh?” And she proceeds to tell me that it’s ridiculous and that I’m being weird, making weird noises and “squirming around.” I get mad and say I’m just happy that my team won. She essentially says “who cares.”
I tell her that I feel like she’s taking away my happiness, and she starts laughing at me and I tell her she’s being mean and I go off to our room to cool off.
I emerge after a minute and sit down and want to talk about what had just happened and she proceeds to explain to me that I sounded insane and does a weird little imitation of what I sounded like, which I don’t think was that accurate. I felt mocked. More little back and forths here, and she says to turn the game back on. I rewind a little to rewatch the very end of the game that had gotten me so happy, and I laugh again because it just made me glad. It was a normal laugh. I paid attention to how I sounded. She says “there it is again,” all sarcastic. She’s been with me for four years. If she hated my laugh so much, I feel like it would have come up before, but I guess this is new. She then tells me how I’m being creepy for laughing at a sports game.
At that point, she’s just sucked all the fun and happiness out of this cool moment for me, and I tell her that much and say “I was having a lot of fun, and you’re being a huge asshole right now.” She laughs more. I tell her that she’s hurting my feelings. More laughter. I say “fuck you.” Storm off again.
It’s obviously been weird since then. She’s upset at me for calling her a name. I’m upset because I guess I’m not allowed to be happy about something she thinks is stupid and that my natural reaction to being happy is creepy to her.
I’ve never said fuck you to her or called her an asshole, but she was being mean to me. It was the laughter at me expressing being hurt that broke that barrier for me. I’m a sensitive guy. I’m pretty soft. She knows that about me, and likes it. But tonight I felt like those qualities of mine got turned around and exploited to make me feel bad. I’m just a little heartbroken.
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2022.01.24 01:30 jasonvoorheessucks Is there something wrong with me if I suck at fast food and retail jobs?

Please give honest answers:
I just struggle at every job. I struggle in retail and fast food jobs. Anything that's fast paced, I keep underperforming at it. I took an office internship one time. I tried to do my best but I kept making mistakes and forgetting what to do. I was asking the same question again about separating the files of paper into different piles and my boss got mad because I was forgetting it (please don't laugh). Later in, I quit because I knew that I was useless. I have been at these jobs for months and I am still not the best. I took an IQ test in high school and I scored around 80. I constantly keep underperforming at my job and I am extremely incompetent. I forget how to do things such as scanning certain items and replacing some of it when I am filling up shelves. Currently, I am in college and I am studying business, which sucks. My current job, I have been at there for a year and I am still slow at completing my tasks. I don't know what is wrong with me and how I will survive in the real world at all. I struggle with understanding things and grasping different information, wether in school or work. I struggle extremely hard to explain myself in simple words. All of this seems overwhelming and depressing. Please give honest answers.
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2022.01.24 01:30 Rae_in_the_rain People who joined and quit orchestra, why?

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2022.01.24 01:30 Brakatoa 24/M 205 lbs. My most recent results. Been on a hormonal roller coaster the last year. Was on TRT for 2 months, first injection was July 6th and last injection was Aug 30th.

I’m fairly healthy, 205 lb. diet is clean,lift 4-5 days a week. Sleep has been an issue, had an at home sleep study done last week, waiting on results.
Got off TRT because I wanted to see if my body would be able to produce sufficient levels. I took Ostarine for 2 weeks in early March but stopped because of strong suppression sides. Was not on it for any longer than 15 days. Libido tanked, awful ED, lethargic 24/7. No morning wood and no masturbation for weeks at a time. I did not have bloods prior to taking it, AWFUL idea I’m aware but here we are. Live and you learn. I may have been hypogonadal prior but I’ll never know.
Did not PCT in fear of having an even worse reaction to Nolva so I let my body see if I could fix itself. In June I got bloodwork done and had terrible results. I was Still suffering from all of the symptoms.
July 6th I began TRT after 2 blood tests showed low levels. (Down below) During TRT I was on 150 mg total split 75 mg E3.5D. I started to have bouts of random panic/anxiety which I have NEVER had. I stopped Aug 30th because I wanted to see if my body would even be capable of producing sufficient hormones and I didn’t want that anxiety.
10 days after my last injection I got my E2 tested and it was 8 pg/mL. I think this may have been the cause of my anxiety, I have never been an anxious person and don’t have much to stress about. Even when I was suppressed from the SARM I was never anxious or having panic attacks.
Began enclo 25mg ED Sept 21-Nov 25. This did not help my sides at all and was still having every symptom and the anxiety became unbearable. I was even skipping class because it was so bad. It eventually started to lower in late December thank god. But still 0 libido, ED and low energy.
I’m still having these problems. I’m a patient with Marek and I’m going to give these to my PCC and speak with the doc.
June bloodwork 3 months after the 2 week long ostarine stint.
January 18 bloodwork
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2022.01.24 01:30 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.24 01:30 Bulbasaur2015 Which is the better subscription to get - Bumbler, Tinder or Hinge?

google search says Bumble for mixed reasons
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2022.01.24 01:30 Manekitty The face of imminent baby vegetable destruction

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2022.01.24 01:30 _Azhr_ Bionic Mage

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2022.01.24 01:30 curiouscat_1979 Birth after laparoscopy

Hello endo warriors!
I'm really keen to hear from anyone who has gone on to give birth after having a laparoscopy for endo. My question is - did endo scarring affect your birth choices in any way?
The reason I ask is that I have a friend who fell pregnant after several lap surgeries (for fibroids, and not endo) - but she was always told, very clearly by the obstetrician(s) she saw - that C-Section was their recommended route - that a vaginal birth would pose a risk to the baby.
Because of this I had sort of assumed the same would be the case for me. I had my laparoscopy in March last year, - during which extensive endo was excised (it was pretty severe). In my first scan before commencing IVF - the sonographer observed everything appeared quite 'stuck together' - due to scar tissue.
I'm now 15 wks pregnant, and so far only met with a midwife once to date, but will have an appointment with an obstetrician at 20 weeks in 5 wks time. The midwife said there's no reason the scarring should affect birth in any way - it might just cause a little pain during pregnancy as everything stretches.
I'd love to hear from anyone who has had a lap, and then given birth - and did the previous endo feature into your decision at all?
thanks so much!
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2022.01.24 01:30 Li_Jingjing Replacing China-friendly governments with anti-China regimes, sponsoring separatists, inciting violent riots, destroying the economy, the US govt has done all of these in Southeast Asia just to contain China, said Brian Berletic, a former US marine who is now a Thailand-based geopolitical analyst.

Replacing China-friendly governments with anti-China regimes, sponsoring separatists, inciting violent riots, destroying the economy, the US govt has done all of these in Southeast Asia just to contain China, said Brian Berletic, a former US marine who is now a Thailand-based geopolitical analyst. submitted by Li_Jingjing to GreenAndPleasant [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 01:30 Bomber_Sam Getting constantly time out

I first got timed out for asking someone in chat how much karma they got on reddit, and then when the time out was over, I just complimented the streamers typing speed "typing like a chad" those are the exact words i wrote but still got timed out for 2000 seconds. Will I get timed out again for typing literally anything?
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2022.01.24 01:30 AGuyFromGPlus Mega Bonk

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2022.01.24 01:30 Madamoishelle What possibility of residency i have as a student?

We have these "working in job" courses in career colleges, that lasts usually 2 to 4 months per year, and ive been wondering, if i did get spot in UK, what are my options when it comes to living? Where would a short term student find a place to stay? (Im 24, and in career college, so alot of exchange student programs dont apply to me, most are for 14-18 or uni student
Wasnt sure if this is against rules, the rules only forbid uni/study stuff, since im asking where a non uk student could possibly stay at.
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2022.01.24 01:30 master_debaters F*ck it i will delete tiktok and insta till day 90 who’s with me?

It’s always the same I scroll trough TikTok or insta and see a hot poopadette and a few hours later I fail. I have enough of this I’m 10 years into this constipation and want to finally fight against it till I win! My best skid mark was 74 days and I slipped but that won’t happen again. This will be our year poopadets let’s get it
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2022.01.24 01:30 kaleros Question about account types as an 18yo

Hi. I recently turned 18 and want to start investing. I just opened a Roth IRA on TD Ameritrade and I was about to open an individual account but I just realized that my mom has a custodial individual account that’ll be available to me when I’m 21. If I open my own individual account right now will I be able to merge the custodial one when it comes time? I’m not sure where to start with this but I’m doing as much research as I can; any resources or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2022.01.24 01:30 PhroyoYT Youtube tab reloads after not going into tab

Hi everyone,
I noticed a while ago that if I stay on the same tab or leave my computer for a bit, and click back onto a youtube tab, the page/video reloads and it starts from the beginning. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.24 01:30 Impossible_Diver_870 got the twitter account up and running💯

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2022.01.24 01:30 sapphire1921 She flew so that Charli XYZ Dragon-Cannon could "bloop":

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2022.01.24 01:30 autumndart Did anyone know this existed?

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2022.01.24 01:30 LeftSuggestion3364 Tier list

What is the best shiki for - Top - Mid - Jg - Ad - Sp
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