PGY2 Presentations

2022.01.24 01:16 Excellent_Hunt3037 PGY2 Presentations

Good morning everyone! I have several PGY2 interviews that are requiring presentations during the interview. Presentations are not my strong suit, so I was wondering how much weight that carries while ranking applicants!
Appreciate any advice!
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2022.01.24 01:16 james14street Biden weighs sending thousands of troops to counter Russia

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2022.01.24 01:16 level100loserr Bunnie Rabbot

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2022.01.24 01:16 EncryptedHorror someone text me so i can distract myself pls

title, hi pls
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2022.01.24 01:16 alle15minuten Gerade ist es January 24, 2022 at 05:16AM

Gerade ist es January 24, 2022 at 05:16AM
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2022.01.24 01:16 WinterPlanet I'm looking for a doc that used to be on youtube and can't find it anymore, can you guys help me?

It's the one in which Michael Jacobshagen appears, there is also footage of the inside of Neverland, and one of his former employees commenting on it. I remember that the interviewer showed Jermaine a book with nude pictures of boys with MJ's signature that was given to him by Jacobshagen. I don't remember the name of the former employee that apperas, or the name of the TV show that made this.

I am trying to download things before they disappear from the internet, since latelly a lot of things seem to be going away, and I remember that this was a good one, but I can't find it anymore x.x
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2022.01.24 01:16 TaylorMade685 Staff center not working in sandbox when powered and connected to arrival point

FYI unlimited power turned on. How do I fix this?
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2022.01.24 01:16 Vinodpanchal7 Loading..

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2022.01.24 01:16 MelGibsonDerp The Miami Heat are now in sole possession of 1st place in the Eastern Conference following their win and Nets/Bulls losses today.
The Heat currently sit a half game ahead of the Nets for 1st place.
1st place is separated with 6th place by a mere 2.5 Games.
The East shaping up to be fun the rest of the way!
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2022.01.24 01:16 Umbral_Eidolon sums up my feelings right now

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2022.01.24 01:16 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert HIT AND RUN E SUNSET RD / MCLEOD DR 1/23/2022 8:12:08 PM incident #LLV220100092051
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2022.01.24 01:16 Chic030200 Adopting an 8 year old yorkie, HELP PLEASE

Soo my family adopted this new female yorkie, I already have an 11 year old beagle (both females), here's the problem, I think both of them are trying to be territorial, they peed EVERYWHERE, even tho my beagle is trained since she was a puppy, now she pees too in the living room and the yorkie when she's alone pees anywhere I need to watch her so she can pee where it supposed too but only when I watch her she does this.
Also the yorkie barks to my beagle and I fear that my beagle will get hurt or in the other case hurt the yorkie.
I noticed that the yorkie barks more when I'm petting her and my beagle comes to get pets too.
Sorry for the long text but here's the question

  1. How to stop the pee
  2. Prevent fights even when Im working
  3. The yorkie is an indoors dog but my beagle is more of an outside dog, I want to mix these so they can do their duties outside but get along too.
  4. THE PEE hahaaha 5 thanks in advance
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2022.01.24 01:16 Mynameismybiz Pop OS can't see my external drive

Hi. I'm changing from Mac to Pop OS. I backed everything up on an external drive and was planning on just plugging it into my system76 machine, and it doesn't see it. Can someone please give me some advice? Thanks.
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2022.01.24 01:16 growers_harvest The reality of prayer in relation to the film 'God Calling' and what it taught me...

I won't be going too much into this, but if, like me, you used to think of prayer as on some level superfluous to requirement, this was a beautiful eye-opening picture.
It emphasised to me that prayer is truly real and helpful, as I had heard it can be, and that where it appears to be overlooked, it is because it is either not appropriate to the plan, or else to the current place in it.
The point is that prayer counts and matters.
Highly advise a watch if you feel ambivalent about prayer. Which I have found very rejuvenating to do tonight.
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2022.01.24 01:16 FanAccomplished4373 [H] $50 Xbox, PSN, Footlocker or Nike GC, [W] $40 Cashapp

Comment before PM, thanks.
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2022.01.24 01:16 Henry_Bankshaft1 Footsteps at cabin

For our anniversary my wife and I stayed at a cabin around Divide Colorado. That last night there it started snowing. We were laying in bed and we clearly heard what sounded like footsteps stomping on the front porch of the cabin. I’m a believer in Bigfoot so I thought it could have been that but when I looked out the window there was nothing. No footprints in the snow either. I went back to bed and we laid there motionless and then it happened 2 more times. Every time I looked out and there was nothing. Also 2 times it sounded like something wrestling around on the roof. I did not go outside to check that.
I googled the area and it was an old mining town and apparently there is a lot of activity there.
Firm believer it was a ghost.
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2022.01.24 01:16 Exxonatjamaica Is this stem growing out of the top of my Variegated Joseph's Coat Cactus Plant bad? Is it a flower?

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2022.01.24 01:16 IdkWhatIAmLmao Some of the most obnoxious rich people quotes?

I'm trying to research and find some quotes made by a bunch of millionaires and billionaires that just turn you the absolute wrong way.
Two that personally come to my mind was Bezo's rocket speech and Musk's "I keep forgetting that you're still alive" tweet.
I'm going to write an essay including said quotes to hopefully showcase the option of a more libertarian-socialist approach to the world's problems.
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2022.01.24 01:16 Theclash160 Does it make sense to sell VOO from my Roth IRA and use the account to actively trade during this market correction period?

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2022.01.24 01:16 BoardgamesArchivist Finding Gaming Common Ground with the Wife
Looking for advice on 2 player games
My wife enjoys euros and engine builders. The issue is that I personally don't enjoy those games at low player counts. I become quite bored. This is on me I realize but there has to be games that can move for both of us.
As an example, we took a mini staycation recently and while there we played Photosynthesis, Century Spice Road and Azul. I loved Azul but really bounced off the other 2 at 2 players.
We enjoyed Charterstone together and she loves Splendor. EDIT: to add she really likes Agricola and Catan
I'm in a more regular board gaming group, she isn't but I think because of that I prefer larger player counts.
I was thinking maybe we could try something coop together. What do yall recommend?
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2022.01.24 01:16 FirenadoVG Himaloafin on the chair

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2022.01.24 01:16 AG_ROX Do people still watch GTA V Let's Plays at a moderate amount?

Long story short: I recently got my PS4 Slim and i've been wondering if ya'll peeps still would like to watch a let's play of a game almost a decade old.
Another question: Would i be able to share my let's plays in this community?
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2022.01.24 01:16 SnooHabits3834 Is there a story where we can see arthur’s previous life? (as king grey)

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2022.01.24 01:16 GirIsKing A wheelbarrow full of trash...

in broad day light saw a man with a wheelbarrow full of trash bags just dump it at a spot pretty close to where I'm currently living. Took a few trips and disappeared to somewhere, didn't see where exactly this person went to. Obviously this needs to reported but not sure how to do it and the person doing the dumping should get a punishment of some sort just so it isn't done again. I drove around the neighborhood and noticed a few more places where this is happening. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
Am I tripping or is this a common thing? Don't want to branded as a crazy person but this is just wrong. open to ideas
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2022.01.24 01:16 LargePurpleShoe Yoshigadaira - A Wetland Located Behind Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park in Japan

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